Monday, November 24, 2008

Tourism Roles and economic values

Events play a part in tourism as it helps to boost visitor arrivals as well as generate revenue for the country. There are five different type of roles that an event has, namely, Place marketing, Tourist attraction, Image Maker, Catalyst and Animator. Now, I will further discuss as to how the Singapore Biennale 2008 has played its part in tourism.

Place Marketing

This role is concerned with how the event creates a positive image, improve the quality of life as well as how it attracts residents and investors. As mentioned in the brochure that was given to me when i purchased the ticket, this event, being one of Singapore's largest international contemporary visual arts exhibition has aimed to "positioned Singapore prominently as an Internationational centre and regional thought leader in the field of visual art". In my opinion, i feel that they have acheived this goal because they have attracted millions of visitors from all over the world. It proves to other countries that Singapore is capable in hosting such mega events . Since art is often associated with people who are wealthy, this helps to improve the quality of life of the locals when they engage and take part in such events. Singapore will now be perceived as a country that is vibrant and also acting as a platform for art enthusiast to come together in discussion. This event has also opened new doors of opportunities for investors especially in the art stream.

Tourist Attraction

Another tourism role of the event to attract quality tourists and increase visitor spending and their length of stay in the country. Singapore Biennale 2008 managed to bring in quite a huge number of tourists to Singapore. The tourists that this event has attracted are also mainly art enthusiasts and as mentioned above, art is usualy associated with people of higher standard of living and these people often tend to be quite wealthy who are more willing to spend more , thus generating more revenues. Since this mega exhibition is a 10 week event, it might increase the possibility of the visitors staying longer due to the fact that there is more than one venue for this exhibition, visitors might take a few days to explore and visit every site.

Image Maker

As the name of this role speaks for itself, about creating an image that enhances the country and combat negative imagery. Singapore Biennale has helped to create a different image of Singapore. It has shaped and changed the perception that others have of Singapore. This event has helped people to perceive Singapore as an international art hub and has boost the image of the country. As quoted in the brochure, the event was "collectively enhancing Singapore's international image as a vibrant city to live, work and play".


Singapore Biennale 2008 acted as a catalyst for tourism in Singapore. It involves stimulating infrastructure, assisting in urban renewal, stimulating business and trade and supporting other activities. The event has helped stimulate business by generating revenue in the hotel, food and beverage and retail industry because when visitors come to Singapore to participate in this event, naturally, they will have to spend money. It also helped in urban renewal by bringing life to places that looks run down such as the Supreme court in City hall and South beach development. It allowed people to see the places in a different light.


This role is to help encourage first and repeat visits at facilities, resorts and attractions. In this context, Singapore Biennale acts as an animator too because this event happens once every two years. Therefore, there will be repeated visits for this event, especially those who have a strong interest in art. This event also helps to attract people who are new to the art sector especially the locals who are not very art inclined.

Economic Values

Singapore Biennale 2008 was a huge event took place from mid September till mid November. Since it was an event that attracted a large number of visitors from all the world, it helped to boost the economy to a certain extent.With every visitor that came to Singapore to participate in the Biennale, money was definitely spent at the various sectors such as the accommodation, food and beverage, attractions as well as retail. Through the ticket sales itself, it already contributed to a percentage of the country's economy.

Revenue is generated from these various sectors, for example, accommodation wise, it applies to mainly the tourists who came to Singapore specially for the event. They would definitely book the some form of accommodation during their visit here. Most of the time when tourists goes to a certain country to participate in a certain event, they would stay in that country for awhile and make full use of their time in that country. This means that they would stay for more than one night which will generate revenue for the hotel industry. Most certainly during their stay here, they would spend money at the various food and beverage outlets for their meals, which is something that is essential.

After their visit to their event, if the tourists intend to extend their stay here in Singapore, they would take the opportunity to explore the country as well with a high probability that they will visit other tourist attractions to make their stay worth while and worth their money. Shopping is most probably done when one visits another country. When these purchases are made at the different retail outlets, it contributes to part of the economy.

The spending of the locals contribute to the economy as well, but usually it is the tourists that are more willing to spend and therefore more visitor arrivals will have a direct effect on the economy.

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